Senior Software Engineer – Mobile Engineering

Job Description

This position will offer the opportunity to be part of the highly motivated team that works on software that runs one of the largest distributed systems in the world. You will be an integral part of our aggressive growth strategy for creating highly innovative security products for the Internet-scale, making our products more reliable, secure and faster.

The role involves creating and improving mobile SDK’s for Akamai Botman Premier as part of systems for detecting abuse on mobile platforms. The ideal candidate would possess a background in iOS mobile SDK development. In this role, you will partner with many other teams inside the company such as the Threat Research, Data Science, Distributed Data Collection, Stability, QA, and many other teams.

Job Qualification

Required Education and Experience
Applicants must meet the following education and experience requirements:
* 5 years of relevant experience and a Bachelor’s degree or
* 3 years of relevant experience and a Master’s degree

Required Skills
* 5+ years of experience with Obj-C or Swift for iOS development.
* 2+ years of experience with unit and functional testing using XCTest, XCUITest and Appium
* Thorough understanding of iOS and other mobile operating system concepts

Desired Skills
* Distributed systems knowledge, good understanding of scalability and consistency models
* Deep understanding of iOS or Android platforms, SDK development and release process on both platforms
* Experience in delivering software releases on tight schedules with high quality
* Highly responsible, self-disciplined, self-managed, self-motivated, able to work with little or no supervision
* Passion to understand, learn, and dissect new technologies quickly on your own
* Extensive experience working on multiple projects at a time in a fast paced, results oriented environment
* Experience with the complete software development life cycle, from requirements to design, implementation, testing, and release
* Excellent written and verbal communication skills

As a Senior Software Engineer – Mobile Engineering, you will be responsible for:

* Working on projects that improve our bot detection products making Akamai a leader in bot detection
* Creating new features/products from scratch, enhancing existing features and optimizing existing functionality, from conception and design through testing and deployment
* Working on development QA and system QA to come up with regression tests that cover new changes to software
* Partnering with our level 3 support teams to troubleshoot complex problems or any customer issues
* Working on data analysis for mobile platforms

About the Team
Akamai powers over 85% of the top online retailers and delivers somewhere between 15% to 30% of Internet traffic on any given day. Our team is part of the Security organization which is responsible for the design and development of technology that helps customers to protect their web sites and secure the transactions over the web. Our Bot Manager product is designed to provide superior cloud computing security, prevent data theft and downtime and mitigate large account takeover attempts. In addition, this group is building unique technology that can secure the cloud and make it a safe place to do billions of transactions daily and handles petabytes of data every day. Akamai has built a massive global distribution network that can solve problems at a scale that few others can approach. By leveraging our deployment of servers around the world, we can uniquely solve technology problems with innovative solutions that exceed the fundamental limitations of networking.

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