Senior Software Engineer II – System Performance

Job Description

The Server Performance Engineering team is a specialized group that looks to improve the performance and efficiency of Akamai’s Intelligent Platform, both virtualized and bare metal, by leveraging advanced hardware and software features currently available as well as building new ones. In this role, you will be tasked with extending and improving our metrics collection and analyzing this data to help identify performance problems, building tooling to identify those issues, and collaborate with internal teams to implement solutions to the problems identified.

The opportunity to make a significant impact on Akamai’s business is precisely what makes the job rewarding. People who do best are the ones who seek challenges, possess a passion for learning, and have demonstrated courage and ability to pose and solve truly difficult problems. The job requires a combination of strong system design, virtuoso programming and debugging skills, an obsession with code quality, and independence. You must have a passion to get things done quickly and get them done right.

Job Qualification

Required Education and Experience

Applicants must meet one of the following education and experience requirements:

* 8 years of relevant experience and a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related field or

* 6 years of relevant experience and a Master’s degree in Computer Science or related field or

* 3 years of relevant experience and a PhD in Computer Science or related field


Required Skills

* 5 years of C programming experience within the Linux kernel or systems-level applications

* 5 years of High level understanding of Linux operating system and computer system architectures

* 3 years of Experience with virtualization technologies (KVM, Xen, etc)

* 3 years of Experience with Solid knowledge of Linux kernel and system’s level performance analysis

* 3 years of Experience with concurrent programming, data structures, algorithms, complexity analysis

* 3 years of Proficiency with network protocols, including IP, IPv6, TCP, UDP, ICMP

* 3 years of Proficiency in SQL, Unix shell scripting, Perl, or Python

* 2 
years of Experience with data analysis

Desired Qualifications

* Understanding of one or more kernel subsystems (networking, block, mm, fs, scheduler, etc.)

* Experience with advanced performance analysis tools like Linux perf and BPF tools

* Experience with Linux container frameworks, such as Kubernetes

* Prior contributions to Open Source projects, especially to the Linux kernel


* Analyze system performance, identify problems, design, develop, and implement solutions

* Extend metrics collection and create visualizations to better quantify systems performance

* Stay current with the latest upstream Linux virtualization and container development

* Build tooling to help identify system performance problems faster

* Train other Akamai engineers to identify performance issues

* Work with teams across the company to implement your solutions

* Work with the open source community and upstream your work

* Participate in occasional conferences and meetups

About the Team

The Server Performance Engineering team is part of our larger Linux Engineering team which provides the Linux kernel and operating system innovation for the Akamai global distributed network composed of 200,000+ servers deployed in 1000+ networks and 100+ countries. Akamai is changing the way that people use the Internet, and the Server Performance Engineering team is at the core of pushing the future of our technology platform – come help us make history!

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