Senior Software Engineer, Full-Stack

AdQuick is like AirBnb for Outdoor Advertising. Our mission is to make outdoor ads like billboards, subway ads, and airport ads easy to both buy and measure.

Our customers include data-driven companies such as Eaze, Squarespace, and Peloton.

We are an early-stage startup: we’re 2.5 years old, we have 26 people total and an engineering team of 9. The founding team consists of startup veterans who were early employees at Instacart. We’ve raised $3M in funding from Garry Tan & Alexis Ohanian’s VC firm, Initialized Capital.

We have all kinds of interesting problems to solve:

* Building a consumer-grade product experience for marketers planning/buying/executing outdoor ad campaigns that includes searching, sorting, filtering, grouping, tagging, commenting, etc.
* Mapping: efficiently displaying 1M+ points on a map, integrating census & other data onto maps with visualizations
* Analytics tools. Some examples: pulling data from our customers’ ads accounts (e.g. AdWords, FB Ads) to visualize the impact of their outdoor ad campaigns. Using anonymized movement data to track visits to brick-and-mortar stores. Scraping Instagram and using image recognition to track social shares
* Coordinating things in the real world to printing design assets and install billboards
* And much, much more

We’re looking for:

* Experience in Ruby, Rails, React, Webpack, Postgres or similar technologies
* 3+ years experience working on production systems
* People who actively want the startup experience: taking a lot of ownership, having a big impact, and building amazing products that customers love
*Bonus points for startup experience or having built your own company/product

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AdQuick is building the operating system for outdoor/out-of-home (OOH) advertising.38

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