Senior Software Development Engineer in Test

The Senior Software Development Engineer in Test (SDET) believes the reward for a job well done is another job. You would rather spend your time enabling engineering teams to more effectively write their own tests than write tests for them. You thrive in an environment where there is something new to learn with each major effort.

About You

    • You don’t love writing code, you love writing code that test’s the code.
    • You have 5+ years in technology with at least three in a QA Automation Role or SDET
    • You love to break things, and you like to share how you did it.
    • You’re a storyteller with compelling stories about that time you learned something new in order to solve a problem for your company, and stories about the times you helped your team mates skill up.
    • You have powerful stories about the failures and mistakes you’ve made and the lessons learned. You share them as cautionary tales with your team mates.
    • You can find your way around a database, but you are better at mocking them.
    • You can demonstrate familiarity with common language frameworks. Java is preferred to start, but .NET, Ruby, Go, Python and Javascript are also key to our product offering.
    • You have a desire to make the Internet a safer place.
    • You have a passion for tools, testing frameworks, methodologies and implementations. You choose them based on the the best fit for the problem at hand.
    • You approach problems from a product perspective, thinking through how the user will interact with what you’re building.
    • You have strong communication skills. You ask questions, let others know when you need help, and tell others what you need. You write things down so someone else on your team can do them.
    • You’re a problem solver. You believe the best work is the result of finding the simplest solution to complex challenges. We see simplicity as the greatest expression of intelligence and responsibility.
    • You see the big picture. You understand how the code you write interacts with systems and services, both internally and externally.


    • Work with multiple agile teams to establish automated test metric goals and achieve them.
    • Work with teams to set up processes, patterns and standards to increase unit test coverage
    • Work with teams to set up processes, patterns and standards to automate high value performance testing (benchmark, load and stress)
    • Work with teams to set up high value automated API tests
    • Working with the Ops teams to test infrastructure as code gets you a gold star
    • Contribute to our synthetic test infrastructure run against our production SaaS systems for real-time awareness of product uptime and functional stability.
    • Build and maintain expertise in several languages and their testing tool sets over time.
    • A passion for automation – a key team goal is to reduce daily toil through automation
    • Work cross-functionally within a service team and be a core contributor in every significant engineering solution that is delivered
    • Debug production issues across services and levels of the stack
    • Participate in on-call rotations, along with every member of the engineering team
    • Solid understanding of system design, including the operational trade-offs of various designs
    • Solid programming and troubleshooting skills. You may be called upon to help with systems written in Java, .NET, Ruby, Go, Python and Javascript. You won’t be expected to know everything, but we are looking for people who can dig through a codebase for debugging and commit tactical fixes opportunities.

What We Offer

    • The opportunity to work with some of the highest performing individuals in the world with the goal of establishing memories of the best part of your career ever.
    • Competitive compensation
    • Daily in-office team lunches
    • Meaningful stock plans
    • Medical, dental, and vision benefits
    • Flexible paid time off

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