Senior Ruby on Rails Developer

Machinio is a startup based in downtown Chicago. We are a search engine for industrial machinery and equipment. We seek inquisitive, self-motivated developers to join our team and work

Help us solve problems in full-text search, domain specific search optimization, large scale email alert delivery and optimization, custom CRM solutions and everything that makes our customers happy.

Senior developers on our team maintain two different high impact open-source projects (fingerprintjs and poltergeist). Machinio succeeded thanks to open source software, so we love people that contribute to open source.

Our tech:

  • Ruby on Rails
  • Solr, PostgreSQL, Redis

Work conditions:

  • Full-time

Send all applications with resume and answers to the below questions:

  • How have you contributed to open source?
  • How would you write code that handles credit card processing? What are common issues that you need to consider for this problem?

Apply for this position:

Send resume and answers to the questions to only. Do not contact any other email.


The fastest growing platform for buying and selling used machinery.

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