Senior Platform Engineer

Engage builds software to make finding, hiring, and paying workers painless. Our platform is used right across the recruitment industry, serving end hirers, recruitment agencies and workers, and we are looking for a new platform engineer to join our super friendly product development team.


You must have

  • Strong background in Linux server administration
  • Experience in setting up and managing production environments in AWS
  • Solid experience with CloudFormation and ECS
  • Proficiency in Python and Shell scripting
  • Experience with Puppet, other configuration management tools a bonus
  • Good knowledge of security and best practices for SaaS products.
  • Good English communication skills.

The Role

We are looking for a Senior Platform Engineer to join our team, responsible for:

  • Keeping our cloud infrastructure highly available and secure
  • Supporting engineers with cool tools and functionality that lets them ship product easily
  • Managing and building upon our existing solid and stable monitoring, alerting and maintenance infra
  • Working with our development team on adopting new offerings from AWS or other providers
  • Be an advocate for devops methodoligies in the team

We run on Amazon Web Services and script using CloudFormation, Python and Puppet. Our application services are written in Java and Node, and we run them in ECS.

Deployments happen multiple times per week, sometimes multiple times per day. We also make use of Lambda, API Gateway, Elasticsearch and Redis.

Any of this sound familiar?

  • You enjoy collaborating with other engineers, whether they prefer cats or dogs
  • You love to automate things
  • You see potential points of failure in systems and work towards removing them
  • You get satisfaction in enabling others to work self-sufficiently
  • You actively care about security
  • You can translate an AWS bill into language humans can understand


Our ideal candidate will need to work standard UK office hours, from a timezone no more than 2 hours ahead (or behind in case you live in the ocean, we don’t discriminate). This will allow us, as a team, to maximise our coverage of the hours worked by product engineers.


  • Competitive salary
  • Paid holidays
  • Share options
  • Apple or Linux equipment
  • Occasional travel and accommodation in London

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