Senior Backend Symfony/PHP Engineer

About the role

Compucorp is split into product teams. You would be joining as a senior member of one of these teams, being a part of product decisions, from inception through to release. You will use the latest technologies and will have responsibility to make architectural and technical decisions on the future direction of new platforms that will have significant impact. We’re also a heavily process driven team, and you will in time be expected to contribute both to the following of processes, but also to their maintenance and improvement including CI/CD tooling and infrastructure.

The platforms we build are business process focussed for the not for profit sector, so expect to be working on functionality to help support ecommerce, marketing and payment processing but with a not for profit fundraising twist.


  • Expert in writing modern PHP code the right way (
  • Excellent knowledge about the Symfony framework internals and being able to build applications that are more than simple CRUDs or CMSes
  • Excellent database / SQL skills, including performance optimization and normalization
  • Experience designing and developing REST APIs
  • Experience designing and developing CLI tools for background tasks and/or automation
  • Experience with test process like TDD and BDD
  • Be skilled with Git including rebases, squashing commits and using bisect to find where bugs were introduced
  • Experience with Linux and the command line

Bonus points:

  • Exposure to business applications such as ERP, CRM or HR systems preferably for the not for profit sector
  • CI/CD setup and management
  • Experience with front-end technologies like Javascript, React, TypeScript and Sass

As a Senior PHP Engineer you’ll be responsible for:

  • Planning and implementing the architecture of web platforms, REST APIs and CLI tools
  • Applying software development best-practices and keeping a clean and easy to maintain codebase
  • Maintaining documentation
  • Writing technical specifications
  • Sharing knowledge with other members of the team
  • Participating in planning meetings where we discuss priorities and new features development
  • Code Reviews

Work type: Remote


Web design, app development and branding for Charities and non-profit organisations.

Technology we use