Senior Backend Engineer – Pipelines Team

At CircleCI, we enable thousands of developers to do better work every day. We’re looking for a senior software engineer to help us support and grow the backend systems that make it possible.

As a member of the Pipelines team, you’ll own micro-services related to customer build configuration (Orbs, for example), pipelines, and job status. You’ll also collaborate daily with talented colleagues distributed across North America and western Europe.

This is a full-time role in Canada and requires work during normal business hours in the Eastern time zone plus regular participation in our on-call support rotation. If you’re in the Toronto area, we hope you’ll work in our local office for some of your time.

What you’ll do:

  • Design and build new features, simplify existing services, and scale our systems while we rapidly grow and evolve.
  • Write plenty of sustainable, testable, high-quality, high-performance code.
  • Nurture a culture of observability and monitoring: use operational data to help your team improve the stability and performance of our systems.
  • Partner with members of a cross-functional team and other stakeholders to set the direction of our platform and product: learn about our business problems, explore solutions, weigh design tradeoffs, create effective user stories, and prioritize them to deliver maximum value.

What we’re looking for:

  • You have 3+ years of professional experience building and debugging distributed systems in production environments.
  • You write code that’s easily readable, testable, and maintainable, with an eye towards building in observability from the start.
  • You’re comfortable using functional programming paradigms. (We use Clojure, but it’s fine if you haven’t yet.)
  • You’re good at managing the ambiguity of a small, rapidly-growing company: adjusting to changing priorities, making conscious tradeoffs when guidance is limited and information is incomplete, and instituting best practices from scratch when needed.

We’re particularly interested in these habits and tendencies:

  • You work transparently and collaboratively within a distributed team.
  • You favor regular, incremental delivery of value over perfection.
  • You’re excited about ensuring that all of our systems–software and human–scale smoothly.
  • You strive for continuous learning and improvement for yourself and your team.


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