Remote BI Consultant / Developer: United Kingdom Applicants Only


We currently have a business intelligence consultant/development team in Prague and we are looking to expand. The “remote” aspect is that we currently have employees working from home offices and meeting up periodically in London. This position is only open to people living in the United Kingdom.

T-SQL is one of our core technologies, and is a required skill. If you are not solid on T-SQL, please do not apply. Our programming test for all applicants is based on T-SQL through SSMS.

Iridium Technology is the premier provider of BI solutions for law firms. Our company is experiencing rapid growth, and we need to add another consultant/developers to our team. You will be joining an elite group, and we only hire “spectacular” candidates. We offer high salaries, home office based employment, and a complete benefits package that includes an “unlimited vacation” policy.

The position of BI Consultant/Developer requires candidates with very strong development skills. You will be in touch with our British team, so good English is a must. We are looking for applicants who are entrepreneurial, incredibly bright, organised, focused, creative problem solvers, able to work independently, extremely hard-working, and who embrace the home office-based lifestyle.


Salary is set depending on your experience. If you can pass our application process we will be able to agree on a salary that works for you.


The role encompasses a combination of consulting and development duties, including:

  • Client-facing resource: work directly with law firm clients to implement and support Iridium BI products
  • Report/dashboard design and development
  • Manage client product implementations and projects to successful outcomes
  • Requirements gathering, both for development projects and consulting/implementation projects
  • Design, code, deploy, and test client-specific customizations and enhancements
  • Design, code, deploy, and test Iridium BI product features and enhancements
  • Development of software tools for internal use
  • Technical investigations
  • Client support/training


  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, or similar
  • Strong development skills and experience. Our technologies are SQL Server (relational database, T-SQL, SSAS, SSRS), HTML5, Angular JS, C# and others.  While we prefer experience with these technologies, we will consider developers that are familiar with other technologies — our thinking is that hard-core coders can learn any technology stack.
  • Excellent written/oral communications skills
  • Strong experience in Legal IT (ADERANT, Elite Enterprise, Elite 3E) is a big plus, but is not required


Living in the United Kingdom, getting a great salary, flexible (but hard-working) hours, and our friendly vacation policy. And more importantly, no commute and no parking problems, because a lot of your time will be spent working out of your home office! Note that if you don’t want to work from a home office, we will cover the cost of membership in a co-working environment (such as Workspace).


We provide a great environment for developers to learn new technologies and show off their skills. First of all, this is a company that is run by developers. 60 out of our 70 employees have degrees in Computer Science or IT. We love to code, design architectures, streamline processes, and are relentlessly striving for constant improvement. We have modern/relevant technology stack, and we are moving aggressively into implementing the Microsoft Azure BI/AI capabilities. Each developer is assigned to a team with 4-5 members, and collaborative programming and collaborative problem-solving are highly encouraged. You will constantly be challenged to learn new technologies and extend your knowledge of Iridium’s products. We offer a very agile and empowered environment – if you have a great idea, speak up and present it to the team. If the team loves your idea, then we will look for you to implement it. We are a 10-year old company that thinks it is still a startup. What is nice is that we have the startup attitude, but also offer stable and long-term employment with a company that has positive cash flow and is not concerned about running out of money. We offer the start-up mindset, but without the fear that we will close our doors next month. If you are looking for a relaxing job where you can work 8-5 Monday through Friday, then this is not the job for you. The Iridium work experience is fast-paced and high intensity. You will be a member of a team of extremely talented and highly skilled technical employees. We all bring our “whatever it takes attitude” to solving both technical and client issues. You will be empowered to showcase your technical skills and grit on a daily basis. You will be given massive responsibility and be expected to independently manage yourself. We can promise overtime, late nights, and even some weekend work. But we can also promise a great sense of achievement, and a supportive team environment that makes it all worthwhile. Are you a hard-charger? If so, you will fit right in and you will love working here.

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