Lead Developer

We’re looking for an experienced Lead Developer to join our technical team lead based in Canterbury. Ideally you’ll have eight or more years commercial experience leading software development teams.

You’ll also get to work with a wide variety of the latest technologies. Our diverse client portfolio means we need to apply many different technologies in different situations. Recent projects have included developing isomorphic React applications, producing strongly typed functional code, deployment pipelines to Google Firebase and AWS Lambda, building Dockerised infrastructure and contributing to Open Source projects.

Who we’re looking for – the “must-haves”

  • At least eight years demonstrable on-the-job experience in commercial software development
  • At least two of these years with demonstrable on-the-job experience as a Lead Developer within a software delivery team
  • Experience in one or more of our core technology platforms (Angular, React, Laravel, Symfony, Python, Django, WordPress, Drupal and Node)
  • A genuine passion for our culture and our approach.
  • Great written and face to face communication skills
  • An ability to translate complex client requirements into a deliverable plan
  • Having the interpersonal skills necessary to motivate an Agile cross-disciplinary project team for success
  • A commitment to learning our core platforms to our high standards
  • A dedication to coding excellence and continuous personal development
  • An ability to execute projects across multiple domains (e.g. JavaScript application that needs PHP backend).

Who we’re looking for – the “nice-to-haves”

You’ll have …

  • Worked with a good range of third party APIs
  • Experience of software delivery using an Agile methodology
  • Experience working with JavaScript frameworks such as React or Angular
  • Familiarity with automated deployment systems
  • Familiarity using test frameworks
  • Experience of planning and monitoring software delivery using Jira
  • An Agile certification
  • Certified PHP Engineer
  • Certified Python Developer
  • Certified Drupal Developer
  • Contributions to, or stewardship of, an open source project
  • Presented at tech meet-ups or conferences

Your responsibilities

  • Developing innovative, high quality technical solutions
  • Building relationships with clients and helping them to achieve their goals
  • Using your insight to plan and drive project delivery in iterative time boxes (sprints)
  • Giving code and experience back to open source communities
  • Research new technologies and ways of delivering projects
  • Presenting and rationalising your work internally and to our clients.
  • Maintaining the high quality technical standards for all the agency’s output.
  • Guiding the team in your area of technical specialism

Salary and benefits

Deeson operates a transparent approach to pay and reward. We do this because we believe that pay setting and pay progression should be fair, open and based on the impact team members have in our business.

You can read more about this and see the current salary scales for all roles at Deeson in our team handbook.

The starting salary for this role will be from £48,000.

You can see how initial salaries are set for new team members joining Deeson here.

We have a “no negotiation” policy on salaries to ensure that starting salaries are set fairly and not on a candidate’s ability or desire to negotiate.


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