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Foundersuite’s mission is to help the world’s 400m entrepreneurs get sh*t done.

To do this, we are hacking entrepreneurship and turning it into software. Our goal is to build tools that help founders ideate, fundraise, run PR and IR, and in general, do a better job of building their companies. We live breath and eat this stuff. We dogfood our own products every day.

We are looking for a few good people to join us in this mission. Here’s our wish list:

**You’re fanatical / obsessed about entrepreneurship – perhaps you’ve started a company and know first-hand the “pain” we’re solving, or you have ambitions of being a founder in the future.

**You get sh*t done fast <and> done right. You know that being busy ≠ being productive. You like to be measured on your output and the quality of that output.

**You’re comfortable with the startup rollercoaster – both the high highs, and low lows. You take it in stride, and know it’s part of what makes it exciting.

**You work hard and with focus/intensity, because you know it’s what enables work/life balance.

**You’re comfortable with the ambiguity, chaos, scarce resources, etc. that come with working at a startup. If something’s missing or broken, you find it, or make it. You find a way.

**You get off on pushing something to production, then measuring –> learning — improving. You love data.

**You’re fun to grab a beer with. You believe, like we do, that life should be enjoyed and pursued with vigor.


Software for raising capital and managing investors.

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