Front End Drupal Developer (Remote)

CivicActions is a dedicated, fun-loving team, looking for some talented folks to help us bring revolutionary digital services to government agencies and the people they serve.

For this role, you will be developing, improving, configuring and bug fixing contributed and custom modules in the context of specific site needs, aiming for maintainability, simplicity, and reusability. You’ll do this alongside an amazing team and dedicated clients.

Desired Skill Sets

We are hiring for several positions requiring experience and knowledge we need to augment our teams. We strongly value team members with a broad base of experience who are comfortable performing a variety of roles. Do you have a combination of the following skills?

  • Able to architect and write secure, performant, well-documented code that adheres to coding standards
  • In-depth knowledge of Drupal module development, (or demonstrable transferrable skills on other web-based frameworks)
  • Familiarity with most common contributed modules
  • Skilled at mobile device interface development
  • Skilled at building accessible and inclusive interfaces. Familiarity with Section 508, WCAG, ARIA accessibility standards
  • Skilled at Drupal 8 front-end development
  • Comfortable with graphic design and multimedia production tools
  • Comfortable with css compiler workflows (e.g. LESS, SASS, SCSS)
  • Familiarity with populating design systems and component-based development
  • Familiarity with React/Gatsby/GraphQL
  • Ability to navigate on the command line and use a version control system
  • Comfortable with multiple fork and branching workflows in Git
  • Able to use Drush and PHP debugging tools to speed your work and enhance your code quality
  • Familiarity with code-based configuration deployment (e.g. Features, configuration management)
  • Comfortable integrating and configuring search engines (e.g. Solr, Drupal search) with Drupal Views.
  • Working with a containerized LAMP stack for PHP/MySQL development; comfort with command line and version control skills and workflows
  • Able to draw on a detailed mental model of HTTP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript operation
  • Complementary/specialized skills such as, QA, UX, design, documentation are also a plus.
  • Preferred Certifications (NOT required): Acquia Certificate Program, including Certified Site Builder, Developer or Front End Specialist
  • Creation of wireframes, workflow diagrams and page comps
  • Experience with frontend performance optimization. /Comfortable with web API design and use
  • Comfortable with peer programming and code review
  • Ability to translate wireframes, workflow diagrams and comps into working user interfaces
  • We are looking to hire for a project that requires 3+ Years of front end experience in addition to an associates degree or the equivalent

Responsibilities & Qualifications
Your good sense of humor, collaborative nature, and high-quality communication style will be a great addition to our talented team. Your presence and work will support our mission to work alongside our government agency clients as partners in open and agile transformation.

You should be comfortable in a consulting or professional services environment, in addition to working with cross-functional agile teams. We also like to see a track record of contributions to open community projects.


We help agencies improve lives through modern software and thoughtful experiences. Our goal is to help transform the way governments procure, develop, and deliver digital services.

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