Front-end Developer, London

We are looking for a developer to join our cross-functional team. We are passionate about front-end development and enjoy pixel-perfect philosophy, continuous deployments and the changing reactivity in JavaScript frameworks. We love to build the UI for all the different products we have.

Here at Ebury, we have a flat structure. This means teams join various different steps of the production process in a proactive way all while being in permanent contact with stakeholders. Our ideal candidate needs strong teamwork skills and is hungry to leave a footprint in this sector.


  • Senior experience in professional software development
  • Experience building SPA applications with VueJS or similar frameworks
  • Solid knowledge of Javascript as well as Browser APIs
  • Solid knowledge of CSS and some pre-processors as SASS
  • Solid experience in unit testing patterns
  • Strong critical thinking skills
  • Excellent communications skills


  • Some exposure to a backend programming language like Python
  • Experience with MVC web frameworks like Django
  • Experience working in financial environment


  • You love maintainable code; KISS and DRY are your daily mantras. You understand that writing beautiful and readable code is the key to building a great product, and you are able to follow industry best practices.
  • You understand the importance of receiving feedback. You use code reviews to improve yourself and to share your expertise with other members of the team.
  • You enjoy building and developing new features as much as bug fixing. Every code that you ship is an opportunity to improve the user experience.
  • You are self-organised and can work autonomously.
  • You enjoy working in a team. You are used to working with others such as QA, UX or DevOps, and are able to learn and share your knowledge with them.


  • You will be working on the company’s end-user web application, delivering new features designed by our cutting-edge UX team.
  • You will contribute to evolving legacy code on our brand-new front-end stack, based on a SPA pattern.
  • You will have the chance to do some backend work, creating or updating endpoints in our API.


  • We are a highly motivated and talented team that build the main product used by our clients.
  • We work with an Agile methodology doing iterations of two weeks and delivery features using a release train process that happens every week.
Our stack is composed of several frameworks that have changed over the years. The most relevant are:
  • Frontend: ES6, VueJS, Jest, Bootstrap 4, SASS, npm, webpack
  • Backend: Python, Django, PostgreSql, REST Api
  • Other tools: Git, Mercurial, JIRA.


  • Great professional opportunity to develop your career in an international company and in a continuously innovative environment
  • Participate in one of the most disruptive technological sectors
  • We offer competitive conditions as well as the possibility to keep growing thanks to continuous reviews and career path
  • Internal blog to share technical knowledge. Read more about Ebury Labs


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