Front End Developer, Desktop (US & Canada)

Join the Core development team

The Core team here at 1Password is building modern apps using shared libraries, design, and UI components.

You build great desktop apps using the latest technologies and design ideas. You aren’t ideological about your stack and are able to work with both web and native technologies. You’re eager to learn new languages, frameworks, and tools on the job, and are productive on any platform. Bonus points for being a desktop Linux enthusiast.

What we’re looking for

  • Strong working knowledge of JavaScript, TypeScript, and React.
  • Familiarity with cross-platform app development toolkits like Electron.
  • Some experience with Rust, or willingness to learn it.
  • An eye for good design and knowledge of UX principles.
  • Knowledge of secure coding practices and how to design software that protects user security and privacy.
  • Self-starting, self-driven: You should be comfortable starting your own projects, maintaining them, and doing it all autonomously. You maintain a high level of ownership, attention to detail, and have a knack for organizing processes using all three.
  • Ability to offer feedback to other developers on the team and experience in reviewing and improving code.
  • A passion for crafting experiences that customers love.


Put Passwords In Their Place.

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