Director of Product Management – Heroku Runtime

Salesforce Customer 360 enables enterprises to build a complete view of their customers — it’s an amazingly rich datasource. With Heroku and Salesforce Evergreen, developers can build internet-scale custom applications and serverless functions (FaaS) that take advantage of Customer 360 data.

In this role, you’ll work as a product manager on the Runtime Control Plane engineering team and define enhancements to the underlying container runtime environment that powers the Heroku Common Runtime, Heroku Private Spaces, and Salesforce Evergreen products. You’ll be directly responsible for writing product requirement documents, answering product questions, defining a product roadmap, defining SLOs, and helping guide the engineering team to make the most impactful operational improvements.

Deep knowledge and experience with cloud and containerization technologies, such as Kubernetes, Docker, Knative, functions-as-a-service, and microservices-based architectures is required. This knowledge will provide a strong foundation to have deep technical discussions with customers, as well as lead one of the most technical engineering teams at Heroku.

Finally, you’ll get to stretch your business product management skills as the manager of the Common Runtime product. The Common Runtime product is used by everyone from hobbyists to Fortune 500 development teams.


  • Write product requirement documents that enhance the container runtime that powers the Common Runtime, Private Spaces, and Evergreen products
  • Define clear product objectives and build the roadmap that you think will accomplish them
  • Define clear SLOs that define the health of the runtime control plane, as well as prioritize a backlog of bug fixes and improvements
  • Own the Common Runtime business product management, from customer sales calls, to pricing adjustments, to sales and support training

Key Competencies

  • Deep knowledge of cloud and container technologies, such as Kubernetes, Docker, Knative, functions-as-a-service, and microservices-based architectures.
  • Experience defining and delivering container runtime features
  • 7+ years of product management experience, with demonstrated ability to discover opportunities, define and deliver products, and lead multidisciplinary teams.
  • Strong customer and stakeholder empathy. You’ll represent multiple points of view, including those of the customer, marketing, finance, engineering, support and ops.
  • Comfort working with a highly-distributed team
  • The ability to say “no”. As a PM on runtime you will be at the heart of Heroku and Evergreen development, with a deluge of feature requests. You’ll need very strong prioritization and diplomacy skills, as well as a strong backbone.


Heroku is a container-based cloud Platform as a Service (PaaS)

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