Development Manager, Java Agent (Remote)

The role of the Development Manager involves a balance of day-to-day personnel management, as well managing development projects in a cross-functional manner. Development managers are not just managers, as they are expected to commit code, but at a different pace than contributing engineers. This is our flagship development team and the opportunity to lead a group of very talented and motivated software engineers.

As Development Manager of the Java Agent team you have a number of responsibilities, but the primary one is to ship product out the door. Your goal is deliver results to the customer and market. To do this you need to make sure the development team is able to work as efficiently as possible and this means making sure they have clear goals, both short term and long term, and that nothing prevents them from doing their work. From the initial project scope to deploying the product out to customer sites, each step is your responsibility. You can, and should, delegate as much as you can but be ready to check that things are being done as you want and be ready to jump in if it is not.

About You

    • You love to manage others and make them better developers.
    • You love to code and deploy at scale.
    • Desire to make the Internet a safer place.
    • You approach problems from a product perspective, thinking through how the user will interact with what you’re building.
    • You have strong communication skills. You ask questions, let others know when you need help, and tell others what you need.
    • You’re a problem solver. You believe the best work is the result of finding the simplest solution to complex challenges.
    • You see the big picture. You understand how the code you write interacts with systems and services, both internally and externally.

Roles and Responsibilities

    • Own your product and software code base, including the feature road map, customer issues/defects and the technology road map.
    • Lead up cross-functional development project initiatives owning project management, issue tracking, scoping and planning.
    • Collaborate with the Product Owner, Scrum Master and Development team to deliver a high-value, first class security product.
    • Drive the daily standup meeting with the team to ensure the project is on-track and that issues are resolved timely.
    • Support all hiring and recruiting initiatives for your team.
    • Work on technical designs and architectural initiatives on a project by project basis.
    • Manage individuals supporting their personal/career growth and development.
    • Develop team and individual goals/objectives that align to the department and company goal
    • Perform consistent and regular individual one on one meetings with team members.
    • Be a team player. You love to work with others to find the right solutions.

What We Offer

    • Competitive compensation
    • Daily team lunches
    • Meaningful stock plans
    • Medical, dental, and vision benefits
    • Flexible paid time off


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