Database Administrator

Instructure was founded to define, develop, and deploy superior, easy-to-use software. (And that’s what we did / do / will keep on doing.) We are dedicated to the fight against iffy, mothbally, shoddy software. We make better, more usable tools for teaching and learning (you know, stuff people will actually use). A better connected and more open education technology ecosystem. And more effective ways for everyone everywhere to access education, make discoveries, share knowledge, be inspired, and do big things. We accomplish all this by giving smart, creative, passionate people opportunities to create awesome. So here’s your opportunity.
Do you dream in SQL? When someone says CRUD, do you instantly think in terms of data manipulation? If you were given a Mongo book for your birthday, would you immediately trade it in for a book by Michael Stonebraker? If so, then we have a opportunity that you can not refuse. Come join a team that is making software to make people smarter, and who have a real chance to change the world

We need someone who can:

    • Explain why databases are one of the most difficult layers of the stack to work with, and how to overcome their special challenges.
    • Comfortably work in a SQL prompt on production systems.
    • Thrive while working autonomously.
    • Be a point of contact for questions, both from technical engineers and less technical members of the company.
    • Be on top of problems before they become problems.
    • Be part of an on-call team.
    • Have the knowledge to respond to database problems at 3am.
    • Be able to automate stuff so that there aren’t database problems at 3am.

What we look for:

    • Linux
    • Amazon Web Services
    • PostgreSQL, or some other ACID-compliant SQL database
    • Cassandra, or some other NoSQL database
    • pgBouncer, or some other form of database pooling
    • Ansible, or some other form of config management
    • Resource monitoring and alerting
    • Automation


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