Backend Engineer (Go)

At HelpDocs we build documentation software that helps companies scale their customer support. We serve over 170 million pages a month for companies of all sizes. From Fortune 100 companies down to fledgling 2-people-in-a-garden-shed startups (true story).


We’re making knowledge bases (traditionally dull and unloved) into something you’ll actually want to update. One that helps customers find what they’re looking for. Ultimately that means happier customers and lower churn.


We’re a fully remote, bootstrapped, profitable team that’s growing fast. The vast majority of our growth so far has been organic. We grow by building a good product and writing interesting things.


As a Backend Engineer on the Product team you’ll be working closely with the company founders to create new APIs/integrations and update existing code in Go.

About the roleThe main responsibilities of this role:


  • Create and maintain internal and public-facing APIs in Go
  • Maintain legacy APIs in Node (there’s not many I promise)
  • Create and maintain extensions and integrations with other products and APIs
  • Write good, readable, clean, testable code (with tests ?)
  • Test your code in our staging environments before deploying to production
  • Identify areas we could improve in the product and share with the team


As a member of a small team you’ll also need to get stuck into things outside your wheelhouse. Here’s some examples of tasks you might be asked to do as part of your role:


  • Respond to customer technical support emails and escalations from the Customer Education team
  • Work with the rest of the Product team to design new features and APIs
  • Deploy code to our production Kubernetes clusters through our CI/CD pipeline
  • Write technical documentation for the team and users


  • ~ 28 paid vacation days per year. Take the time you need to be healthy and happy. We’re not counting—this is honor based.
  • One fully-paid team retreat. We’ll go somewhere nice for a week and HelpDocs’ll pick up all your expenses.
  • $300/m healthcare stipend toward private health insurance
  • 12 weeks fully paid parental leave
  • $70/m towards a gym membership or other fitness activities
  • $300/m for a coworking membership. If you hate coworking take $150/m to fund your coffee shop habit.
  • $2500 equipment allowance given every 3 years.

PayThe range for this role is $83-119k per year. We don’t pay on location. We have bands based on experience. You’ll be retained as a full-time consultant and responsible for your own taxes.

  • You have a personality and you’re not afraid to show it ?✨
  • You’re fluent (like a native) in English and have excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • You communicate thoughtfully and inclusively. You take what others say with positive intent. Even if you think they’re being an asshole.
  • You see diversity and inclusion as something to be celebrated. Something non-negotiable. That translates to the language you choose, your attitude towards other people, and to your deliverables at work.
  • You’re not afraid of getting your hands dirty in different areas of the business
  • You thrive on direct feedback, positive and negative, and are constantly working to be the best you can be. You’re happy giving direct feedback too.
  • You’re happiest working remotely and have been doing so for at least a year
  • You have experience communicating asynchronously across timezones through tools like Twist, Threads, Slack, Zoom, etc.
  • You’re passionate about your work and customer-focused
  • You have access to rock-solid high speed internet and love showing your face on video calls with the team and customers
  • You want to treat HelpDocs as your full time role, you aren’t currently studying, and you don’t want this as a side gig alongside another role or freelancing.
  • You have 3+ years experience writing Go code that’s used in a production environment
  • You love experimenting with new tools and suggesting ways to use them to improve the product
  • You’re comfortable in the command line working with CLIs, git, etc.
  • You know how to test code and identify bugs (and hopefully an idea of how to fix them)
  • You’re happy working with little day-to-day direction and capable of tackling complex issues without oversight


We know this list can be intimidating. If you’re missing a few things from this list but still think you’d be awesome at the role

we’d love to see your application anyway (just mention what you’re missing in the “Anything else you wanna tell us” question). 

If you think you’d be a good fit for more than one of our roles there’s no need to apply twice. Just add a note in your application you’d like to be considered for that too.


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