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Tech Layoffs and Economic Recession in LATAM

As tech companies adjust to increasing economic pressures, tech layoffs become common. During the first months of 2023, tech companies laid off an estimated 124,000 people. That’s a staggering increase from the 161,411 tech layoffs in 2022. Tech giant companies like PayPal, Spotify, Google, Microsoft, and finance behemoths, like Goldman Sachs have recently faced tech […]

Mexico’s Most Prominent Tech Hubs: from Guadalajara to Queretaro

Bustling with innovation and opportunity, Mexico is a hotbed of new technology that rivals Silicon Valley. Just look at all the cities within its borders, like Guadalajara and Monterrey, where startups are planting roots thanks to their elite universities and competitive edge over other tech hubs worldwide. Tijuana, Mexico City, and Querétaro – Mexican destinations […]

These 7 Brazilian Cities Are The Next Big Tech Hubs

Sure, we all know about Silicon Valley in the US, but who knew there is more than one down in Brazil? Home to almost 150 million internet users and sixteen unicorns, according to CBInsights, it’s no surprise that tech innovators have been making moves in this market. Even more – last year, StartupBlink’s Startup Ecosystem […]

The Next Silicon Valley of Latin America: Exploring Leading Tech Hubs

Though Silicon Valley may be the tech hub of fame, many other locations in Latin America have nailed innovation and development.  We spoke directly with senior developers from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, and other countries about the most buzzing tech hubs in their regions – asked them which locations they think are most promising and […]

Hiring Field Notes: Work Cultures in Latin America

As Fabio, an RoR developer from Brazil, who has been in the software industry for 10+ years, sharply said, tech skills are something that you can train later. Still, if a person has no good values or a not good personality, there is nothing you can do about it.  It was no surprise to us […]

Directory of Global Payroll and EOR Solutions

Hiring globally can be a complex process, and one of the most important aspects of this process is compliance with local payroll and labor regulations. To make sure companies are able to hire with confidence, we’ve compiled a comprehensive directory of the best payroll and international compliance providers that we think are the best in […]

Uncovering the 15+ Venture Capitalists Investing in Global-First Startups

Are you a startup that is looking to expand your business globally? If so, finding the right venture capital firm to invest in your business can be a daunting task. With so many venture capital firms out there, it can be difficult to know which ones specialize in global markets. To help you with your […]

Interview with Wade Foster, Co-founder & CEO of Zapier

Wade Foster is co-founder & CEO of Zapier, a tool that allows you to connect apps you use every day to automate tasks and save time. You can connect any of their 600+ integrated apps together to make your own automation. Zapier is a 100% distributed team living and working all over the world. You […]

Exploring the Benefits of Hiring Latin American Developers for US Tech Companies

As the demand for skilled software developers continues to soar, more and more US tech companies are turning to Latin America for their development needs. But why should US tech companies consider hiring Latin American developers? In this post, we’ll discuss the benefits of hiring Latin American developers and how it can help companies get […]

Interview with Meaghan Williams, Program Manager at HubSpot.

At HubSpot, we currently have over 200 remote employees [both domestic and international] and our remote workforce has grown significantly in the past few years. In 2018 alone, we saw the remote population grow by approximately 117%

Utilizing International Resources for Technical Recruiting

Recruiting technical professionals internationally is an increasingly common practice, particularly as more and more businesses are looking to expand and develop globally. While this can be an exciting opportunity, it also presents unique challenges. To ensure the success of a global recruitment strategy, organizations must be mindful of the different requirements, practices, and cultural norms […]

Interview with David Darmanin, CEO of Hotjar

We have the great opportunity to interview David Darmanin, the CEO of Hotjar – an all-in-one Analytics and feedback tool that makes it easier to understand your web and mobile site visitors. A team of 25 people where members based all over the world including Stockholm, New York, London, Prague or Malta. 1. Could you […]

Gaining Access to the Global Talent Pool for Your Tech Team’s Strengthening

In the fast-paced landscape of business, companies need to be able to access top talent in tech in order to stay ahead of the competition. Many companies are turning to global markets to hire engineers and other technical roles to contribute to their growth. Drawing from the global talent pool is a great way for […]

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