Argentina is located between the South Atlantic Ocean and the Andes Mountains. Despite being the second-largest country on the continent, it has established itself as a hub for software developers. Its tech industry is home to hundreds of thousands of English—and Spanish-speaking IT professionals. The Argentine tech sector is also worth billions of dollars in IT exports. According to Statista, the Argentina IT service market generated a revenue of $2.91 billion in 2023. 

However, identifying and hiring top software development talent is quite complex. Without proper insight, you’ll spend several hours searching through hundreds of alternatives to find the best fit for your team without getting any results. 

Why is Argentina a Prime Location for Software Development?

Compared with other Latin American countries, Argentina boasts a dynamic tech ecosystem with a steady influx of talented software developers. There are over 160,000 software developers in Argentina with at least 110,00 of them skilled at C++ and C#. This country is also renowned for its forward-thinking and innovative approach. Hence, there are many reasons why US tech companies may hire from this region. 

Competitive Costs

The first noteworthy reason for hiring software developers from Argentina is their cost-effectiveness. Argentine software developers charge considerably less than their counterparts in Europe and North America. While the average cost of hiring a software developer in the US is 2,598,528.59 ARS, the average cost of hiring this professional from Argentina is 1,462,145.45 ARS. As a result, they are a more attractive choice to startups looking to supplement their workforce with top-tier talent. 

Robust Tech Landscape

Another reason to hire software developers from this region is its robust tech landscape. The tech ecosystem in this region is growing exponentially compared to other Latin American Countries. A 2019 Global Competitiveness Survey which shows how effectively citizens utilize their country’s resources revealed that Argentina is ranked 51st out of 116 countries. This means there are many software developers in the region because they have learnt how to leverage Argentina’s enabling environment. Out of 18 million people in the country’s labor market, about 2.4 million are employed in the tech sector. 

High-quality Educational Sector

Furthermore, many tech companies are also interested in hiring from Argentina because of the high-quality education in the region. This country ranks 77th on the Global Innovation Index and its educational sector focuses on science and technology fields such as medicine, biotechnology, nuclear physics, rocket technology and biotechnology. 

Due to the region’s focus on STEM education, Argentina’s educated workforce is skilled in latest programming languages and techniques. Argentine software developers are renowned for their expertise in Java, UX Design, JavaScript, Python, SQL and TensorFlow. The top universities in Argentina, such as the University of Buenos Aires and the National University of La Plata, also offer specialized programmes such as software development, software programming and software database management. They also rank among the top 20 universities in Latin America.

You’ll also discover trained developers with extensive knowledge of Artificial Intelligence (AI),  blockchain technology, and mobile developments. These experts constantly update their knowledge to match global trends and discoveries. 

English Proficiency

While Spanish is the predominant language in Argentina, several software developers in the region are fluent in English. The country was classified with a ‘high’ rating on the 2023 English Proficiency Index. This language proficiency ensures that US-based tech companies don’t have to spend money to train non-English speakers and allows these IT professionals to communicate seamlessly with their employers. 

Argentinian Software Developer Talent Pool Overview

As mentioned, Argentina has a robust tech ecosystem with constant innovation and endless dynamism. It’s the third-largest tech sector in Latin America, worth billions of dollars, and it is only after Brazil and Mexico. Due to its favorable laws, this country is considered one of the best places to start a tech company. 

If you choose to hire a software developer in Argentina, you’ll have access to a talent pool of 167,000 professionals, of which 52,000 specialize in C++ while another 51,000 people are skilled at C#. There are about 10,000 professionals skilled in frontend and Javascript. However, other tech experts in the region capable of handling Argentina’s software developers are also ranked 4th best technological skills in Latin America and the 30th best globally. Furthermore, Argentina’s IT talent is 7th in the IMD World Digital Competitiveness ranking. They are also ranked 6th in the Global Innovation Index 2023. 

If you wish to hire any of these experts, expect to spend between 678,313.50 ARS and 2,441,928.60 ARS. Employer are also expected to make social security contributions worth 26.4% of payroll. These social security contributions will cater for healthcare, pension fund and social services. 

The solid global ranking of Argentina’s software developers indicates the region’s impressive business sophistication, human capital, and research. Argentina’s IT talent pool can be divided into different categories: software developers, software engineers, UI/UX designers, project managers, and data scientists. Furthermore, Argentina has several science and engineering graduates, accounting for 14.15% of all tertiary graduates. 

Pros and Cons of Hiring Software Developers in Argentina

So, what are the benefits and drawbacks of hiring Argentine software developers?


  • Argentina has a great pool of talents. It’s been established earlier that hundreds of thousands of software developers are in the country. You’ll find at least 5 big cities that serve as tech hubs to connect with top-tier talent. The abundance of talent in the country increases the possibility of finding the right fit for your team. 
  • Argentina has an innovative tech ecosystem. Many cities and IT unions partner to introduce constant development to local developers. As a result, the IT professionals in this region are aware of global trends and the latest techniques. 
  • The region offers top-tier IT education to groom professionals. There are 59 universities in Argentina where people can train to be IT specialists. In 2019, Argentina ranked as the 29th country with the best education worldwide. 
  • Argentina also offers US-based tech companies a convenient time zone. Hence, it’s easier for these teams to set up and interact with their legal entity in the country and hire remote software development teams.
  • Argentina software developers cost considerably less than their European and North American counterparts. The cost of hiring a US developer may be as high as 2.6 million ARS, while experts in Argentina charge 1.5 million ARS. You’ll save significantly regardless of the skill level or programming language required. 
  • This region also has several fluent English-speaking software developers compared to other LATAM countries. Hence, these developers will integrate seamlessly into a new work environment while employers can avoid language training fees.
  • Argentina software developers enjoy plenty of government support because it’s the country’s most lucrative sector. By incorporating the Enterpreneurs’ Law, many foreign companies are encouraged to register an Entity in the region. Even better, new companies will receive a 75% tax reduction if they join the tech sector. 


  • While Argentina’s time zone may be attractive to US-based tech companies, this isn’t the case for those in Europe. As a result, most European employers must purchase modern time-tracking to ease the time difference. Not all employers want the extra hassle of tracking a distant time zone while staying up to date with other aspects of the business.
  • Argentina has several public and cultural holidays that foreign employers must provide for. These extra days off work interrupt the flow of work and may potentially cause misunderstandings and delays, especially when several projects are at hand.

How Efficiently Hire Software Developers in Argentina?

Let’s say you’ve opted to hire software developers in Argentina. There are different alternatives to try out, including: 

Hiring Them Yourself

If you’ve established a legal entity in Argentina, you can hire them yourself. Your in-house team will create detailed job descriptions, publish your job post online, and sift through candidates who apply. After compiling a shortlist of possible candidates, the next thing to do is conduct interviews for each. 

The interview process typically involves assessing why any shortlisted alternatives are the best fit. After identifying the best candidate and sending them an offer, the next thing to do is onboard them. On average, the entire recruitment process lasts many weeks depending on how quickly you’re able to find a suitable fit for your tech team. 

Engaging Freelance Experts

Another impressive alternative to hiring software developers in Argentina is to engage freelance experts. The best thing about freelance experts is that you can simply outsource your work without adding them to your workforce. All you have to do is identify a reliable freelance website, post your job requirements, and sift through different alternatives. Some of the best freelance websites to hire a software developer include Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, Lemon, Codeable, PeoplePerHour, Toptal, Upstack, etc. 

Independent contractors are a cost-effective alternative to hire skilled freelance software developers for your organization. It has become a popular hiring solution since the COVID-19 forced companies to seek temporary remote solutions. This option allows you to employ the best hands to work on your project without any long-term obligations. 

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Leveraging Recruitment Agencies

The next best alternative to hire a software developer in this region is to partner with a recruitment agency. All you have to do is let the service provider know the type and experience level of software developers you wish to hire. Top-tier recruitment agencies can help you recruit, interview, and onboard employees. They can also recommend the best EOR to help you access a pool of talented software developers.  

Globy is a reliable recruitment agency that focuses on connecting US companies with the best talent. As one of the top global hiring services, this platform will help you navigate complex labor laws, pay employees, equip them, and distribute rewards when due. 

Collaborating With Employer of Records

Tech companies without legal entities may work with an Employer of Record (EOR). These EORs can serve as your legal entity. The main benefit of collaborating with an Employer of Record is that they’ll ensure you comply with Argentina’s labor laws by helping you handle processes like payroll and tax reporting. 

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Salary Trends for Software Developers in Argentina

Before hiring Argentine software developers to join your team, it’s crucial to consider how much it would cost your company. The cost of software development in Argentina depends on the experience level, the programming language used, and the aspect of software development you wish to focus on. The average cost of hiring a software developer in Argentina is 1,462,145.45 ARS. The following table displays a breakdown of how much it costs to hire software developers in Buenos Aires based on their experience level: 

Experience LevelExpected Salary (ARS)

Navigating Argentina’s Software Development Market

Argentina’s tech ecosystem is filled with startups, tech companies, and professionals supported by favorable laws and tech initiatives. Here’s a list of these laws and what they offer the tech sector: 

  • Argentina Programa: This tech sector initiative comprises two stages known as #YoProgramo and #SeProgramar. This initiative is designed to train and develop software development skills in young professionals with scholarships and stipends for internet connectivity. 
  • Red Argentina: This initiative is a network of software development companies that connect to provide exclusive IT solutions. They interact to ensure local developers stay on top of global trends. 
  • Programa Aceleradoras Buenos Aires Emprende: This government initiative has invested a total of 28 million ARS in local business owners. 
  • Entrepreneurs’ Law: This law reduces the time and cost of registering a business in this region. Since it was introduced, new business owners can register their brand in a single day. This law also offers startups a 75% tax deduction.
  • Teleworking Law: This new law ensures IT professionals can work from home and enjoy several incentives. It is attractive for US-based tech companies wishing to hire remote regional employees. 

What Are the Key Tech Hubs in Argentina? 

Argentina’s government has incorporated several initiatives that make several parts of the country more accessible to tech startups. These locations are often known as tech hubs. Many tech companies visit Argentina to recruit because of the country’s key tech hubs. They believe that leveraging the laws and initiatives in this region offers them access to the best talent and optimizes their growth potential. These are Argentina’s most prominent tech hubs:

Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires and its 15 million citizens are the largest tech community in the region. It accounts for 85% of Argentina’s tech community and is the top exporter of software developers. AreaTres is an entrepreneurship organization that has created an elaborate working space for the Latin tech sector, and it comprises over 65 companies. A recent agreement between AreaTres and Google for Entrepreneurs means that this company is now the largest innovator in the jurisdiction. Other major tech entrepreneurs in the region include NXTP Labs, Startup Buenos Aires, and Wayra. 


Cordoba is renowned for its high-quality education and numerous startups, tech entrepreneurs, and accelerators. The Cordoba National University has a student population around 130,000. It’s crucial to note that Cordoba tech entrepreneurs get unrestricted access to funding and updated information. This region also constantly encourages new initiatives for expansion and research. 

Hence, the region boasts over 400 tech companies and 126 startups, including Wibond, Xcapit and Mobbed. Incutex is the largest tech accelerator in the region and has provided capital funding and mentorship to numerous tech entrepreneurs. 


While Mendoza is known for producing high-quality wine, it has several tech startups and entrepreneurs. In 2016, Mendoza expressed interest in facilitating and funding new businesses. Consejo Consultivo Emprendror (CCE) is a government initiative for supporting innovation and entrepreneurship in the region. This initiative has offered tech, environmental, and high-social startups with capital funding. 

What You Need to Know to Hire an Argentinian Developer In-House

Here’s a list of all the crucial details you need to know to onboard an Argentinian software developer: 

  • Taxes: Argentine employer payroll contributions range between 26.91% and 29.91% and often cover payments for employee statutory benefits. 
  • Employee benefits: While employee benefits are solely dependent on the available resources, software developers are entitled to statutory benefits such as pension, health insurance, life insurance, labor risk insurance, equipment provision, and death benefits. 
  • Termination: Argentine employers can’t terminate employees without cause. However, common causes for termination include misconduct, poor work performance, economic factors, and mutual agreement. However, you should note that the termination notice period depends on the duration of employee service. Employees with less than 5 years of service are terminated with a 15-day notice period, while those with more than 5 years get a 30-day notice. 
  • Leaves: Aside from public holidays, Argentine software developers are entitled to 14 days of annual leave.

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Argentina is home to over 160,000 software developers. The country has a thriving tech industry with a strong emphasis on education and innovation, making it a significant hub for tech talent in Latin America.

The best way to hire a software developer in Argentina is through specialized recruitment agencies, leveraging job portals like Bumeran and Computrabajo, or freelancing platforms like Upwork. Networking within local tech communities and attending tech events can also be effective.

The hiring process for software developers in Argentina typically takes around 4 to 8 weeks. This timeline can vary based on the specific skills required, the recruitment process, and the competitiveness of the job market.

The United States pays the highest salaries to software developers, with average annual earnings significantly higher than in most other countries. Silicon Valley, in particular, is known for offering lucrative compensation packages due to the high demand for tech talent.

Argentina’s three largest tech companies are Globant, Mercado Libre, and Despegar. These companies have made significant impacts both locally and internationally, driving innovation and contributing to the growth of Argentina’s tech industry.

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